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Ordering notices and emails

After you place your order at or by phone, you'll receive e-mails about your order. You will receive separate emails for product and Gift Card orders. Below are examples of e-mails you might receive:

* Order Confirmation. This e-mail tells you that we have received and are processing your order. Keep this e-mail for your records because it has your order number.
* Shipment Confirmation. This e-mail confirms that your order or part of your order has shipped. You may receive multiple e-mails if parts of your order ship at different times.
* Important notice about your order. There are a few reasons that you might receive an e-mail of this type:

  + We're having problems processing your order
  + We can't ship your order to the address you gave us
  + You have a duplicate order in our system
  + Your order is canceled, for various reasons

These e-mails sometimes provide you with suggested options or solutions.
If you receive a notice, please call Customer Service immediately at 
(+84) (8) 22446369 - or 3997 2022  to resolve the problem.

If you ‘re our VIP clients or members, we will keep you updated with new collections, specials offer and rewards by emails.