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Designs and sampling

Being the first in Vietnam, we have a large selection of bags online at and constantly updating with premium branded products to give you endless ideas and choices.
We have a creative designing team who for the last 5 years works on innovative, multi functional bags of the world’s most popular brands and are always updated with latest materials and accessories. The knowledge, experience and high standards of quality allow us to:
* Develop new products from sketches ->> Send us your sketches
* Turn customers' draft ideas into practical designs ->> Tell us what you like
* Modify any current design into a completely new concept ->> Search for suitable products at or have your own bags and tell us how you’d like to modify.
And best of all, we make them fit to your target prices.
Any sample and design will be completed within 3-7 days. Therefore you can leave the task of prototypes to us.
Please talk to our designing specialist  at +84-8 2244 6369 or click here to email us.